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Association of Hypnosis and Mind Control

To people who are unfamiliar with hypnosis and its process, listening to terms such as hypnosis and mind control may lead them to think of Sci-Fi movies or comic books, most popular of which is X-Men. However, hypnosis has already been scientifically proven to be effective and means of changing behavior of clients through therapy. […]

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Client After 6 Years

There are plenty of Stop Hypnosis sessions on Youtube. You can choose from famous hypnotists such as Paul McKenna  or other therapists and you will see great results from all of them. These videos last around 30 minutes long so it’s quite a time before they finish and you can see results. There are a […]

Paul McKenna Interview

I have posted a video before of Ellen DeGeneres taking Stop Smoking Hypnosis session with Paul McKenna. People tend to think this is a ridiculous and silly activity until big celebrities and respected people believe in it. Get to know more of Paul McKenna and how he can help you quit smoking. McKenna is a […]