Association of Hypnosis and Mind Control

To people who are unfamiliar with hypnosis and its process, listening to terms such as hypnosis and mind control may lead them to think of Sci-Fi movies or comic books, most popular of which is X-Men. However, hypnosis has already been scientifically proven to be effective and means of changing behavior of clients through therapy. It is already systematic and follows a process which makes it part of real science. This is what Stop Smoking Hypnosis used to help smokers quit smoking.

Mind control, on the other hand, is the manipulative approach to make a person follow other people’s wishes. In fiction, this is the darker side of hypnosis. In scientific approach, this is not scientific and perhaps not possible as well. 

There are many people who associate Quit Smoking hypnosis to mind control. That this therapy uses unethical method in controlling the mindsets of the clients. This is absolutely not the case. Quit Smoking Therapy opens the mind and helps the people in leaning to a more positive aspect of life. In hypnosis, it is not giving in to someone’s command because the clients themselves want their behavior changed for the better, their only problem is the mode and method of quitting which is aided by hypnosis.  

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