Giving Up Smoking Using Natural Herbs

quit smoking with herbsMother Nature seems to have solutions for almost everything in our environment. That is why there exist a number of herbs which seem to offer a remedy for addiction to tobacco smoking. They work by exerting varying effects in your body that will help you through the process of quitting much more easily. These herbs are available in different forms including liquid extract forms, capsules or dried forms. It is important though to understand how to use them in order to experience their optimum effect. This is because certain herbs have particular indications like being used to prepare tea, being made into pills and even being used transdermally as herbal patches.

Several herbs have found their use in control of smoking. The most commonly used herb is known as Lobelia. It has been found to be considerably successful in helping many people control their nicotine cravings. Most commercial herbal quit smoking formulations do contain Lobelia as the main active ingredient. This herb contains a substance known as lobeline whose effects include affecting the brain in ways similar to nicotine although not as strongly as nicotine itself. Great thing about it is that it does not have any addictive effects that nicotine has. Lobeline acts both as a nicotine agonist and an antagonist. This means it gives the effects similar to nicotine but also reduces the ‘reward’ that is associated with smoking.

A good number of herbs are also available for producing favorable effects during the early quitting days. It is during such days when one experiences sharp withdrawal symptoms that they need to use these herbs to achieve relaxation and relief from anxiety. The Blue vervain is one herb you can use for this purpose. It acts as a natural tranquilizer and therefore helps to calm the nerves. Another herb that has a similar mechanism of action is the Black cohosh. It serves as a sedative that helps to get rid of irritability, restlessness and nervousness that typically accompany cessation of smoking habits.

herbs to quit smokingSome of these herbs are also used to promote the general well being of the smoker who is trying to quit. Saint John’s Wort is a herb that promotes positive mental attitude which is a necessary virtue to have during such times. Skullcap is another herb which functions to aid the brain produce more endorphin hormones. Endorphins generally relax the body by making a person feel good.

Other herbs have properties whose effects encourage the body to bear with the entire smoking cessation process. Valerian, Korean Ginseng and Oat straw are particularly useful for curbing stress and anxiety related to quitting smoking. The rest like Peppermint and Slippery elm have relaxing effects on the digestive system to combat nicotine withdrawal symptoms of nausea and digestion discomfort.

The big advantage in using these herbs is their easy availability. Most of them do not need a prescription making them ideal to be purchased from anywhere. Moreover, they can be taken as herbal formulations which contain a number of herbs made into one pill. When combined, they become even more effective to help in the process of quitting smoking.

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