Hypnosis Program Details

Technical Summary

Hypnosis Induction
Ericksonian and Conversational Hypnosis, Rapid Induction

Techniques Used – Reframing, Visualization, Direct Suggestions, Indirect Suggestions, Fractionalization deepening

Media Format – Standard MP3 audio file


A high quality Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Program combining powerful clinical hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art digital recording technology from the world-renowned Hypnosis Expert and TV Performer, Randy Charach.

When you listen to this Hypnosis System your mind will very quickly get used to the idea that you no longer smoke, and you will stop yourself from smoking and remain a non-smoker forever.  This program also includes positive suggestions to prevent you putting on weight or starting any other negative patterns in place of your smoking habit which you will leave far behind you in your past.  In fact when you stop smoking you will feel ever more determined to keep fit and remain healthy.


Program Contents

Randy Charach’s pleasant and hypnotic voice guides both your mind and body into a completely relaxed state.  Using a deeply relaxing and unique effect with powerful subliminal suggestions, he inserts messages into the easily accessible sub-conscious mind before re-uniting the conscious and sub-conscious to transfer those messages and instructions into the conscious mind leaving you totally equipped to enjoy life without another smoke ever again.

Included in the program are the 7 Secrets you must know if you want to succeed permanently and stop smoking for good:

  • Why your own cravings are the key to your success
  • How to redirect your cravings and turn them into an advantage
  • Why you must quit TODAY, not tomorrow
  • How you have all the strength inside you that you will ever need to enjoy a life without nicotine
  • Why you hated yourself for being a smoker – and why this sealed your fate as a life-long smoker, until now!
  • How to deal with any smoke suggestions you may face in the future
  • How incredibly easy and pain-free it really CAN be once you are armed with the right mental tools.


Through the immense power of this Stop Smoking Hypnosis Therapy Program you will immediately be able to:

– Enjoy the rich tastes of food and drink once again
– Experience reduced levels of tension and stress
– Cope with intense situations with calmness and confidence
– Sit in a bar without envying the smokers ever again
– Eat, talk on the phone, drive your car, in fact do anything without ever thinking you are missing something in your hand


Instructions For Use

This Quit Smoking Hypnosis product is processed through the secure uQast cart system and delivered as a compressed .zip file.  Once uncompressed (requires PK ZIP Reader (Windows) or Finder (Mac OS X), the product folder will reveal the .mp3 audio program file (playable on any system or with any MP3 Player such as iPod/iPhone/iPad), a “Read Me” file in PDF format (requires Adobe Reader or Preview on Mac), and your 2 FREE bonus eBooks, also in PDF format.

Our usage recommendation for the hypnosis therapy is that you listen daily, ideally when you get into bed at night. Continue using it after you give up smoking at least twice per week.

We have complete and utter faith in our stop smoking product.  However, due to the many sub-standard imitations of this system available on the web, we feel you may still not be as sure of its power as we are.  Therefore today we are offering you a unique opportunity that you simply can not refuse if you are serious about living free from tobacco for the rest of your life. 

Simply order the Program by Instant Download and we will make you a firm promise that if, for ANY reason, you feel this system does not AMAZE you and prove to you that everything we have said is true (and more), then you will receive an immediate FULL REFUND for your total purchase price within 30 days of purchase.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 

So if you are ever going to quit smoking, there is no better time than Right Now.  Take the decision to live, give up smoking today.

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