Latest attempt to reduce smoking in pregnant mothers

A recent announcement by a Tasmanian organisation display new ways to try and incentivise women to stop smoking during pregnancy.

Apparently they are using department store gift vouchers to entice women to quit tobacco while pregnant. The research study has been conducted by Dr Mai Frandsen and claims that Tasmanian women are amongst the highest ratio of pregnant smokers in the entire Australasian continent. doctor-frandsen

I love how the modern unacceptable or politically incorrect way of labelling women as “shoppers” can go out of the window when it comes to an important issue like quitting smoking! Suddenly women don’t take offence, but if it wasn’t for the stop smoking purpose, I am sure many would! Their theory for the approach is that women, especially pregnant women, already have a desire to give up smoking cigarettes, but they “need a little extra push”. Therefore they seem to think a few shopping vouchers might provide that gentle nudge in that direction!

Dr Frandsen believes doctors and midwives are not doing enough to talk pregnant mothers out of smoking during their various meetings and health screenings etcetera in the run up to giving birth.

The women had to give their consent to taking part in the study and many refused although oddly the reasons behind the high refusal rate is lacking from the press announcements.

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