Paul McKenna Interview

I have posted a video before of Ellen DeGeneres taking Stop Smoking Hypnosis session with Paul McKenna. People tend to think this is a ridiculous and silly activity until big celebrities and respected people believe in it. Get to know more of Paul McKenna and how he can help you quit smoking. McKenna is a world renowned English hypnotist that has a number of self-help books not just about quitting smoking but also about helping successful careers, self confidence, weight loss and other motivational topics.

Paul McKenna explains in the interview the reasons  why people smoke, why it is difficult for chain smokers to quit, what cigarette companies are doing to keep their consumers, and  the whole psychology of cigarette taking. The most important thing of the interview is how Paul McKenna can help you. He understands people having difficulty and he facilitates them with the right system and process of quitting. He has a new program coming soon where he will receive callers and mend with their problems. You might want to check it out.


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