Latest attempt to reduce smoking in pregnant mothers

A recent announcement by a Tasmanian organisation display new ways to try and incentivise women to stop smoking during pregnancy.

Apparently they are using department store gift vouchers to entice women to quit tobacco while pregnant. The research study has been conducted by Dr Mai Frandsen and claims that Tasmanian women are amongst the highest ratio of pregnant smokers in the entire Australasian continent. doctor-frandsen

I love how the modern unacceptable or politically incorrect way of labelling women as “shoppers” can go out of the window when it comes to an important issue like quitting smoking! Suddenly women don’t take offence, but if it wasn’t for the stop smoking purpose, I am sure many would! Their theory for the approach is that women, especially pregnant women, already have a desire to give up smoking cigarettes, but they “need a little extra push”. Therefore they seem to think a few shopping vouchers might provide that gentle nudge in that direction!

Dr Frandsen believes doctors and midwives are not doing enough to talk pregnant mothers out of smoking during their various meetings and health screenings etcetera in the run up to giving birth.

The women had to give their consent to taking part in the study and many refused although oddly the reasons behind the high refusal rate is lacking from the press announcements.

The Actual Counterhypnosis

Hypnosis is a way to relax the mind and set proper expectation leading the brain the right way.  Stop smoking hypnosis does this as a way for clients’s mind to find its original ways, like reformatting in computer sense. There are experts who claims that people who start smoking when they were young were also, in ways, brainwashed. Their friends from school or neighbors tell them it is cool to smoke, that everyone does it. They do try it to fit in and look cool.

This is a form of hypnosis done by society, and even their own family dictates that smoking is acceptable when they see their parents or relatives smoke in front of them. So if starting to smoke is a form of hypnosis, Stop Smoking Hypnosis is a counterhypnosis that makes all the wrong right in your mind. It allows the mind to go back to its roots removing all the negative elements that has been infecting your brain all these years. 

Longer Hypnosis Session

The last blog I wrote, I posted a video of a stop smoking hypnosis session where you can enjoy at the convenience of your home. It was just a half long session so I am thinking this video below will be more appreciated by more people. This is longer version which lasts 72 minutes or about one hour and twelve minutes. The only problem with long meditations is the temptation to sleep! But other than that, we get a full and complete hypnosis that will definitely strengthen the process of quitting smoking. 


Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session

Today, I recommend this video of stop smoking hypnosis you can try at home. This lasts only for about half an hour and you can do it at you most convenient time and place. You can do it whenever you are ready to partake this experience. You can even bring your friends along. As they say, the more the merrier. Just make sure that when you listen to this, you are positioned in a calm and silent area where you can concentrate and focus.

Association of Hypnosis and Mind Control

To people who are unfamiliar with hypnosis and its process, listening to terms such as hypnosis and mind control may lead them to think of Sci-Fi movies or comic books, most popular of which is X-Men. However, hypnosis has already been scientifically proven to be effective and means of changing behavior of clients through therapy. It is already systematic and follows a process which makes it part of real science. This is what Stop Smoking Hypnosis used to help smokers quit smoking.

Mind control, on the other hand, is the manipulative approach to make a person follow other people’s wishes. In fiction, this is the darker side of hypnosis. In scientific approach, this is not scientific and perhaps not possible as well. 

There are many people who associate Quit Smoking hypnosis to mind control. That this therapy uses unethical method in controlling the mindsets of the clients. This is absolutely not the case. Quit Smoking Therapy opens the mind and helps the people in leaning to a more positive aspect of life. In hypnosis, it is not giving in to someone’s command because the clients themselves want their behavior changed for the better, their only problem is the mode and method of quitting which is aided by hypnosis.  

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Client After 6 Years

There are plenty of Stop Hypnosis sessions on Youtube. You can choose from famous hypnotists such as Paul McKenna  or other therapists and you will see great results from all of them. These videos last around 30 minutes long so it’s quite a time before they finish and you can see results.

There are a number of reasons why you should watch this certain hypnosis session rather than the others. First, it is only around 9 minutes long so that is really short compared to the other ones. You can see how the therapists was able to change the client’s mindset with that span of time only. 

The other reason is that this video was taken way back 2007. Six years has past, in the year 2013, and the client decided to post the progress of his smoking habit and if he continued to quit smoking through the years after the therapy. In the description below the video, it is written that the client has not ever used a tobacco cigarette ever since the hypnosis session. Not even once! That is really an amazing story everyone should know.

Paul McKenna Interview

I have posted a video before of Ellen DeGeneres taking Stop Smoking Hypnosis session with Paul McKenna. People tend to think this is a ridiculous and silly activity until big celebrities and respected people believe in it. Get to know more of Paul McKenna and how he can help you quit smoking. McKenna is a world renowned English hypnotist that has a number of self-help books not just about quitting smoking but also about helping successful careers, self confidence, weight loss and other motivational topics.

Paul McKenna explains in the interview the reasons  why people smoke, why it is difficult for chain smokers to quit, what cigarette companies are doing to keep their consumers, and  the whole psychology of cigarette taking. The most important thing of the interview is how Paul McKenna can help you. He understands people having difficulty and he facilitates them with the right system and process of quitting. He has a new program coming soon where he will receive callers and mend with their problems. You might want to check it out.


Easiest Way to Quit Smoking

Why is it difficult to quit smoking cigarettes? The internal craving for nicotine we seek every single day is what makes it harder to quit. We might have the motivation, the inspiration, and the reason for quitting, but most of the time our body overpowers us and will keep searching for what it desires- nicotine. This is a very addictive substance that if we attempt to quit, our body’s response will be intense that we tend to look for it and eventually go back smoking. We shiver, we sweat a lot, we get stressed out easily in our process of quitting. This is our body’s way of coping with the withdrawal.

That is why we need a very powerful tool that can help our body overcome this. That is our brain. Our brain is a very powerful tool unlike any other devices out there. With the aid of experts in stop smoking hypnotism, our mind will relax and control the actions of our body. Without even knowing, quitting is easier as it sounds with stop smoking hypnosis. This testimonial of a lady in this video will attest how she successfully achieved quitting through stop smoking hypnosis.  

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Review

Have you tried everything you can to quit smoking? Ever wondered why even if you’ve tried all sorts of things such as nicotine patch, nicotine gum, herbs, electronic cigarettes, or quitting cold turkey, you still tend to go back smoking? These things might have worked but only temporarily. If you want permanent solution to this antagonizing problem, you have to find the solution from deep within you. 

Quit Smoking Hypnosis will help you do that. This is all natural way to stop the bad habit you always wanted to get rid of. This video is a review of a successful person who tried it. He was so glad he did with only 5 sessions. No need to risk your health over artificial aids and temporary quick fixes. With the help of an expert in hypnosis, it is a great way to enjoy a healthy life by quitting the natural way.

Ellen DeGeneres Goes Under Stop Smoking Hypnosis

We are all used to Ellen DeGeneres being funny, bubbly, and light person. In this episode of her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, we get to see her in a more serious way we have never seen her before. She is an admitted smoking obsessed person and all she wants now is to quit smoking. She undergoes this Stop Smoking Hypnosis performed by an expert in hypnosis: Paul McKenna. Check this video out and see how Ellen feels after the procedure.

Example Hypnosis System for Giving Up Smoking

Here is an example of a stop smoking hypnosis system. It doesn’t compare to our system really, but it’s one of those free ones you can find on YouTube these days.
Many of these systems come with good reviews now, but you have to be careful of the reviews on some systems as a lot of scammy producers of products tend to write their own reviews. We don’t do this, and having been selling our product for many years now, we are a proven provider of safe, effective, and above all guaranteed success systems!