Stop Smoking Hypnosis Client After 6 Years

There are plenty of Stop Hypnosis sessions on Youtube. You can choose from famous hypnotists such as Paul McKenna  or other therapists and you will see great results from all of them. These videos last around 30 minutes long so it’s quite a time before they finish and you can see results.

There are a number of reasons why you should watch this certain hypnosis session rather than the others. First, it is only around 9 minutes long so that is really short compared to the other ones. You can see how the therapists was able to change the client’s mindset with that span of time only. 

The other reason is that this video was taken way back 2007. Six years has past, in the year 2013, and the client decided to post the progress of his smoking habit and if he continued to quit smoking through the years after the therapy. In the description below the video, it is written that the client has not ever used a tobacco cigarette ever since the hypnosis session. Not even once! That is really an amazing story everyone should know.

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