Stop Smoking Methods

Here we will be reviewing the many different methods of quitting smoking, explaining how they work, and how successful they are compared to other methods.

Smoking is a confirmed killer of humans, nothing else has such heavy proof surrounding its clear effect on health. The only possible exception is alcohol, but unlike smoking, alcohol can be a healthy part of life. Red wine for example has been proven to hold anti-oxidant qualities which actually fight cancer and other illnesses. No amount of tobacco can be deemed, or proven, to be health for the human body. Giving up smoking is by far the most important priority for any addicted smoker. Here are some methods we feel are worthy of a mention:


Quitting Smoking With Herbs

Herbs are an age-old cure for many diseases and ailments in people. They have various health qualities, often promoting the body’s natural self-defences against attacks from foreign bodies. Herbs are easy to get hold of, they are naturally produced, so you are not filling your body with toxins from chemical laborotories, and they are extremely cheap to buy. Read more about how to use herbs to give up smoking


Using Self-Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

Hypnosis is also a very old technique of mental stimulation, control and training. Hypnosis is usually practiced “on” a person by a trained professional hypnotherapist. However in recent times, especially with the benefit of modern technology, self-hypnosis has arrived as a great way to provide the same function to people without the travel and expensive costs of visiting a respected professional hypnosis expert. Our stop smoking hypnosis program for example is affordable for just about anyone, yet it was produced by one of the world’s most famous and skilled hypnotists. Click here to read more…


Using Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches are a fairly new way to quit smoking, which came about when doctors began following the principle of reduction, or weaning processes, for people trying to quit smoking. After many years of study, it was learned that smokers who give up cold turkey style have a habit of falling later, or “crashing” from the sudden withdrawal of a chemical as powerful as nicotine. Read more about nicotine patches


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